Ulbricht sphere


At Shada we only want to sell products of good quality. In order to guarantee this quality, we also test our products ourselves. In our warehouse we have special test rooms to test our products. The  Ulbricht sphere is located in one of those rooms. This integrating sphere, also known as Ulbricht sphere, is very useful when measuring power or color temperature of light sources.

Ulbricht sphere openThe Ulbricht sphere is a hollow spherical cavity, with its interior covered with a diffuse white reflective coating. It has 2 openings and a screen. The two openings in the sphere face each other. There is a screen between them, to prevent direct light coming in from one opening to the other. All light must reflect at least once against the inner wall. This inner wall is equipped with a special coating, which spreads the light without shadows.

This sphere is used in the technical optics for making measurements. The name of this sphere comes from engineer Richard Ulbricht (1849-1923). The bulb of Ulbricht can make diffuse radiation from directed radiation (ie the uneven reflection of the light). This happens better in this bulb than when frosted glass or a rough surface is used. The radiation from the bulb compares to Lambert's Law.

Ulbricht sphere closed